The Role of Excessive Vaccines - Michael B Schachter MD, CSN
Ok, as Deane said, this is a non-SME course, originally I thought it was going to be SME, but when I got my slides I decided that it’s better not to be SME. I think in part because the ideas are very controversial and they may not be in tune with consensus medicine, which is supposed to be what SME is supposed to do. So anyway, I didn’t make that decision, it was made by the consultants for the SME. Another thing, I will be referring to a number of books on my slides as well as on websites and some other items and they are on the slides and you have that in your flash drive you got when you signed in, so you can get that information there. Because some of these slides I’ll be going through pretty quickly, and you may not be able to get all of it down. In addition, I also sent in a large resource and reference list, separate as a Words document, and somehow it didn’t get into the slides, but Petra says that anybody who’s interested can either contact or you can send an email on my email address which is on the contact information and it’s on the first slide. The title of this lecture is the role of excessive vaccines, excessive protein in a diet and suboptimal fat-soluble vitamins in development of autoimmune disorders. Now, I’m thankful to several speakers who covered some of the areas that I will be talking about, and I’ll try to point them out as we go along. I have no conflicts of interest with respected lecture, and it’s for informational purposes, no claims have been made. I’m not sure who made this quote, but it really struck me as being really important, and it is that it is “easier to learn something new that is true, than to unlearn something that you know to be true, but happens to be false”. And this is a theme that will be present throughout this lecture. So a few of the myths that I will try to dispel and label these myths are 1) that vaccines are safe and effective and that vaccine schedule is unrelated to the autism epidemic. And anyone who thinks otherwise is culpable. There’s little downside risk to a protein diet, and vitamin D and other fat-soluble vitamins or for little benefit to autoimmune conditions and other chronic degenerative diseases. Our medical education is incredibly influenced by pharmaceutical companies, and the whole orientation emphasizes synthetic patentable drogues and high-tech strategies. And it’s pretty much for the most part against nutrition and natural substances. To purchase the entire lecture series, click here.