DigiVision's Spring 2016 Conference Recording Schedule

The spring gammut of conferences is approaching quickly, and DigiVision Media has a nice lineup of new material that will bolster your practice and personal knowledge in a powerful way. Here is the lineup in chronological order:

  1. Academy of Regenerative Practices Winter Stem Cells Training Seminar - Feb 6 - Feb 7 in Fort Lauderdale, FL
  2. Boston BioLife Hands-On Stem Cell Therapies and Biologics for the Clinical Application of Pain Management - Mar 19 - Mar 20 - Washington DC
  3. IV Nutrition Seminar featuring Mitchel Ghen by Central Drugs - Apr 1 - Apr 2 - Los Angeles, CA
  4. College of Optometrists in Vision Developement Annual Meeting - Apr 12 - Apr 16 - St. Louis, MO
  5. AMMG 20th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine - May 12 - May 15 - Hollywood, FL
  6. College of Syntonic Optometry International Conference - Jun 7 - Jun 11 - Indianapolis, IN
  7. What Else Should We Record

We strongly encourage that you register for as many of these events as are applicable to you. But if you can't make it, keep your eyes open for future emails and posts as the recordings become available for pre-order.

Academy of Regenerative Practices Winter Stem Cells Training Seminar


On February 6th DigiVision recorded the second installment of what will soon prove to be one of the most advanced and powerful Stem Cell training workshops in the USA. The Academy of Regenerative Practices is new to the conference ring, but they are quickly establishing themselves as the primere educator in Stem Cell training therapy. The goal of this conference is to give you the tools necessary to implement regenerative medicine into your practice. The field of Regenerative Medicine is expanding at an exponential rate. This content gives a comprehensive review of cellular medicine and current techniques in the clinic. You will learn various cellular types and protocols for applying these to patients in the clinic for many different indications. Specific goals include:

  • Understand the available research on regenerative treatments
  • Explain the biology of proper healing and the disease processes that impede proper healing
  • Compare different cell types and explain the differences
  • Determine appropriate patient candidacy for stem cell treatments
  • Perform and evaluate platelet rich plasma for musculoskeletal tissues
  • Propose how stem cell therapies can be integrated into treatment protocols to enhance healing and affect chronic pain conditions
  • Assess several regenerative medicine solutions for treating chronic pain
  • Describe regulatory environment of platelet rich plasma and autologous stem cell therapies

This conference recording is available now. Order here.

AORP Stem Cells Training Workshop

February 6 and 7

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Boston BioLife Hands-On Stem Cell Therapies and Biologics for the Clinical Application of Pain Management


Coming up soon at the end of March, DigiVision will be exhibiting only at the Boston BioLife Stem Cell Therapies for Pain Management Workshop. Boston BioLife produces educational events that are more involved than a typical conference. Along with some lecture material, attendees participate in workstations allowing them to experience these techniques first hand. This level of stem cell technique training is only availble through Boston BioLife. Here are the course objectives and overviews:

  • This course is designed for the Pain Management Physician, Physiatrist, and/or Spine Physician who is currently practicing and would like to begin learning more about regenerative medicine and its applications.
  • This two-day course features hands-on, interactive workshops that allows the physician to experience all of these techniques first hand.
  • Each participant will attend a variety of diverse educational workstations.
  • Each workstation will be structured to a particular technology and offer a comprehensive review of the principles and their application.
  • In addition to the clinical workstations other informative sessions will relate to practice management and professional development surrounding regenerative medicine.

Though DigiVision will only be exhibiting at this conference, the primary purpose of our presence there is to get a feel for the unique process of this educational event so that we can effectively capture it in the future. Hopefully, DigiVision will be able to synthesize an appropriate method to capture this valuable content. Once we do, we will announce it so keep an eye on our regular email communication.

BioLife Stem Cells Training Workshop

March 19 and 20

Washington DC


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IV Nutrition Seminar featuring Mitchel Ghen by Central Drugs

Central Drugs Pharmacy

DigiVision has a recording relationship with Central Drugs Pharmacy going back to 2011. IV Nutrition, as a medical practice, is rapidly changing today. As more and more doctors practice it, more and more patients are looking for it. The IV Nutrition Seminar by Central Drugs is on the cutting edge of the new therapies and techniques that fall under this topic. This upcoming program will prove to be one of their greatest, only riviled by last year's program Learning objectives include:

  • Learn how your practice can bene?t
  • Learn how to make and administer IV solutions
  • Understand lab values and bene?ts to patients
  • Learn how to calculate osmolarity
IV Nutrition Seminar featuring Mitchel Ghen

April 1 and 2

Los Angeles, CA

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Conference Agenda

College of Optometrists in Vision Development - 46th Annual Meeting


DigiVision has been recording COVD for decades and will again be providing their services at the 46th Annual Meeting in St. Louis. Every year, we have captured every new session and updated older ones as new information and techniques surfaced. This year, COVD is offering several Applied Concepts Courses, severl special sessions, and their General Education Session. The list of all those are:

Applied Concepts Courses:

  • Optometric Manatement of Patients with Acquired Brain Injury and Brain Filtering Problems by Allen Cohen and Neera Kapoor.
  • The Power of Lenses: Assessment and Treatment by Kellye Knueppel and Brenda Heinke Montecalvo
  • Basic Principles and Procedures of Vision Therapy by WC Maples and Maura Massucci
  • Vision Therapy 201 by Robert Nurisio and Jessica Stevenson
  • New Advances in Strabismus and Amblyopia Treatment by Robert Sanet

Special Sessions:

  • Journey to Financial Independance (Practice Management) by Richard Laudon and Patrick Pirotte
  • Therapist Education Session: Balance Boards by Derek Tong and Julie Petteruto
  • Vision Therapists Education by Philip Bugaiski and Michelle Beatty

The Annual COVD conference is not one you want to miss. The caliber and variety of education is unparalleled and the social events bring you together with like minded professionals, creating a synergy that you can bring back to practice with your patients.

College of Optometrists in Vision Development - 46th Annual Meeting

April 12 through 26

St. Louis, MO


Conference Agenda

AMMG 20th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine


Time flies when you're having fun ... and changing the face of medicine. DigiVision has been proudly recording AMMG conferences since the group's inception in 2006. This spring's conference marks our tenth aniversary with this wonderful group and our 20th time recording their events.

The first day offers three pre-conference tracks. The first is a speciality workshop on Genomics. The course is designed to teach physicians and healthcare professionals a basic understanding of the science of the human genome and how it can be applied in a medical practice. Participants will be able to upload their genome to an educational and visualization tool. Those that did not submit a sample before hand will have access to a demo genome during the hands-on workshop. Track two is for new practitioners in age management medicine, or those that need a refresher in the basics. This course will familiarize physicians with the basics, coving evidence-based use of nutrition, supplementation, detox, hormones, and relevant case presentations. The third track is office based aesthetics for either full time practice integration or as an adjunct. This track is offered without CME, not to make lectures commercial, but to open discussion up to procedures and answers which are normally restricted in an accredited environment.

The following three days are the acclaimed general session. With topics on aging specific disorders, hormone modulation, sexual health, nutrition, gut health, and neurology; this spring's AMMG general session will prove to be a spectacular event.

AMMG 20th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine

May 12 through 15

Orlando, FL


Conference Agenda

College of Syntonic Optometry - 84th International Conference on Light and Vision


Last fall DigiVision was honored to record the International Conference from the College of Syntonic Optometry. It was a fascination exposure to a topic that we had never recorded before and proved to be wildly successful. This year, the college is putting on anther great conference. There will be three event:

  • Optometric Syntonic Phototherapy 101
    A 2 day course that will provide you with practical education and theoretical knowledge including understanding the history and basic concepts of Optometric Syntonic Phototherapy, pupil assessment, convergence near point, functional visual field assessment and case syndromes with practicum with CSO faculty. You will leave with confidence and competence and the ability to immediately add Optometric Syntonic Phototherapy into your everyday practice.
  • Optometric Syntonic Phototherapy 102 by Larry Wallace and Ray Gottlieb
    The Syntonic Phototherapy 102 Course is an advanced course to expand the knowledge gained from the Basic 101. The latest scientific research will be presented. The course will be reviewing all the filters used in Syntonics, including the advanced filters. Case examples will be presented to illustrate these advanced filter combinations. Theoretical and practical information will include morphological or bio-typing for prescribing, analysis of color fields, endocrinology and advanced concepts in understanding of the autonomic nervous system in treating with syntonics. Advanced applications will be presented:
    • Heart Rate Variability and Color
    • Postural Restoration
    • Treating Brain Injury and Clearing Trauma
    • RAPDx: Rapid Pupil Diagnostics
    • Bio-photons and Water
    • Aging and Syntonics
    • Ocular pathology
    These applications will teach practical methods of treatment, and better inform their patients of therapy options.
  • Two day General Session
84th International Conference on Light and Vision

May 12 through 15

Orlando, FL


Conference Agenda

What else should we record?

We are always eager to record new events and we are always looking. In fact, you should keep your eyes open for our email communication, because we may have more event this spring that are currently not signed deals. But sometimes we need your help. If you know of a conference that you would like us to record, please Contact Us and let us know about it. If you can give us a solid contact and a person's name to talk to, we will reward you with a free conference set if we contract with them and record that conference. A recommendation is always helpful too. If you are a conference organizer, call us and ask for Mike to find out how having DigiVision record your upcoming event will powerfully benefit you and your attendees.