Cenegenics Physician Opportunities - John Adams
John, thank you very much. I echo John’s comments about we really appreciate you talking out the time to hear about the various opportunities within the Cenegenics. Before I start getting into the details, I just wanted to share some philosophy that our Cenegenics family has. We only partner with physicians, 100%. We don’t ever consider ourselves a corporate entity like Kaiser, Geisinger, and organization that would employ a doctor. Our physicians work side by side with the business people in Cenegenics to make it happen. So most important people are first the doctors, and we embrace that doctor-patient relationship I believe like no other organization. The second is - we have lifestyle coaches, that under the direction of the doctors are critical to a patient’s success and each patient has her own lifestyle coach. We also have something called the patient coordinator, that makes sure everything that the patient needs to be on a successful Cenegenics program is happening, based on the prescription created their Cenegenics doctor and that lifestyle coach, and, of course the phlebotomist. Now some people would think: “Phlebotomy? Why is that so important?” When somebody is privately paying you as a physician or as an organization for five-star service, the first person they are going to need is that phlebotomist coming to draw the blood. So we have hundreds of phlebotomists across the country that are Cenegenics. We do not use services. We hire them, we train them, we manage them. That phlebotomist is very, very important as the extension of the Cenegenics’ position as well. So, those are the four that are on the front line of helping our patients achieve a great success. We then have a very large business team that deals with marketing, advertising, sales, accounting, legal, all the support functions that all of our centers across the world need, and all of our physicians need to be able to focus on being with the patient and achieving that success. The other thing that I want to echo is something that Doctor Nealo Rouzier said this morning, excepting the honor of the Alan P. Mintz award, is he shared with you his passion for age management medicine, and he shared with you how it’s changed his life and the accolades he receives from his patients. One common thing that every Cenegenics physician experiences every day is that patient appreciation, they are constantly getting that comment “Doctor, you changed my life. I am so grateful for everything that you’ve done for me.” There is so much positive energy in the Cenegenics center each and every day, it is completely contrary to say in internal medicine practice that has to have one doctor see thirty or forty patients in a day… To purchase the entire lecture series, click here.