We all know what Michael said is very true. I am amazed and appalled that he didn’t get CME for his lecture because what ACCME is all about, which hopefully is not about squelching this kind of information, but unfortunately it is perception of what they are, so… Anyway, my problem with this lecture, thank you for all, who came. Hopefully, you will learn what it takes to deal with autoimmune disease from this lecture. This has been years of work that unfortunately ends up in a licensing problem, because I received a licensing fee from a college pharmacy for this immunotherapy that I developed. So, obviously you can’t believe everything I say, since I have a financial interest. But, certainly I ask you to go on to my website, it’s just doctorshrader.com with no C, and look at some of the practitioners, and everything that you hear here, please call up some of these practitioners around the country who do use this treatment and get their opinion. Because some of the things I’m going to tell you later in the afternoon are fairly shocking, I wouldn’t believe it if I were you, so I’d certainly call them and check up on me. So, this lecture is really not about LDA immunotherapy, it’s certainly part of the conclusion at the end of it and something that we can do about the autoimmune disease. One of the things that I complain about with these meetings is that often hear didactic stuff that I can’t do anything with when I get back to the office. Well, this lecture, if you understand it, which you all should because you are super intelligent - just by the fact of being here shows you that way, you should be able to apply in you offices, if you want to, and there’s certainly extra stuff here that goes beyond what I’m gonna talk about and maybe worthwhile. So, when you folks get home, I want you all to think about what I’m saying in this lecture, and think about the ramifications and perhaps what you could do with it, because we need new ideas, we need everything that we can get in treating this awful problem. And I’ve looked for the cause and the treatment forever since I’ve started practicing medicine. So, there are several physicians around the country and Canada who use this treatment. Interestingly, no traditionally trained allergists use it. What LDA is, is extremely low dose, homeopathic range dose substance mixture of allergens for treating allergy. The allergens that are used are things like pollens, dust and so forth, foods, certain chemicals and we do have bacterial mixes now thanks to doctor McCubbin who developed it. To purchase the entire video lecture series, click here.