Good morning everybody. I hope all of you are enjoying this conference as much as I am, and allowed me to get lot within last two days. So, as you can see, first of all, I would like to thank the organizers, and especially Dayna [inaudible], for giving me this opportunity to come here and to talk to all of you. And second, as you can see that from the title of my talk, it is all about inflammation. So today I hope to tell you that how critical, even a lot of you know what is information, but how critical it is for all the various diseases and how to control inflammation. Especially for cancer - that’s what my talk is all about. As Dayna mentioned, we happened to discover DNF, and we are the ones who named it DNF Alfa and DNF Beta. And mind you that there is a little story that goes behind it, which might help you a little bit, because life is full of serendipity. And this is one of the serendipity that played the very important role in the discovery of DNF. I tell people that there are two guys who came from Boston, Harvard to San Francisco, one who graduated and the other did not, and the one who graduated ended up starting a company called Genentech. And I happen to be a guy from UCSF looking for a job, and he hired me to as one of the very first employees of Genentech. And then the other guy, who did not graduate, and also came to San Francisco and started the company at the same time, and that all of you know is called Apple, and that was Steve Jobs. And the first Apple computer he made, he brought it to us and we have been Apple ever since. Within a week after I joined the company, Bob Swanson, who is the founder of Genentech, walked in my office, and he could not say my first name Bharat, so he called me Bard. “Bard, I want you find a cure to cancer.” I said: “How do you do that?” He said: “Very easy. There is something called lymphokine, and if we can clone this sucker we got a deal.” So, what is lymphokine? In those days, there was no proteins identified, no growth factor, no receptors, nothing. Those lymphokines were the sub[inaudible] from the activate lymphocites, that they were injecting into cancer patients and seeing tumor regression. So I said: “How can you clone the sub[inaudible]? It is not possible:” So we ended up setting up an acid that will kill the cancer guy and not the normal guy. And we ended up identifying the factor, we did not know how to call it. To purchase the entire video series, click here.