It’s sort of surreal to be here, I’m a board certified OB/GYN by training and I sort of call myself a reformed OB/GYN. I was you know out there sitting in the audience learning all this stuff over the last couple of years and you know it would be interesting if we could all talk about what brought you here today, because I think we all have different motivations as to why we’re seeking answers right that’s why you’re here today, you’re here because maybe things are different for you than you thought they would be. Maybe at one end of the scale you could be at the top of your game, maybe medicine is everything that you hoped it would be. You’re getting paid what you want, you’re healing patients like you want and everything is going good and you're here to get some CME. Maybe you’re at the flip side of that where you’re kind of questioning what’s going on in health care. Why is everybody sick? Why am I tired? Why is there so much disease and autoimmunity and problems like this that traditional health care doesn’t seem to be able to help us solve? So what I’d like to do as a colleague to a colleague, I’m purely a clinician, I left Louisiana and moved to Michigan and started metabolic medicine clinics across the state. But my moment of my sort of epiphany moment, what I call my kitchen middle of the night moment to myself. It was four years ago I was 34 years old and I was standing in my kitchen in the middle of the night and my wife was in the bed where she’d spent about 2 and a half years in the bed suffering from chronic pain, fever and mysterious symptoms, had her litany of drugs that I’m sure we’re all you know familiar with Cymbalta, Lyrica those types of things and I had been in practice for about three, three and a half, four years seeing reimbursements going down and my energy going down and I was exhausted and I stood in my kitchen and thinking through what was happening in my life and I said something that’s kind of embarrassing to think about, I said, ‘I guess this is just what happens when you get older’. And I was 34 and I had enough like wherewithal of mind I’d go, ‘What are you thinking you’re 34, this is the prime of your life’. But we hear our patients say that stuff all the time right. We have these assumptions that we make about our health, our wellbeing, our disease, our dis-ease and I think we need to start challenging those assumptions. You know we were trained at a medical paradigm that teaches us to primarily prescribe and do surgery and the answers to complex chronic disease don’t probably lie in those two realms. So what I’d like to do with you today, colleague to colleague, is just explore some ideas that are not necessarily cut and dry or clear but that may serve to help you help yourself and your patients. I think one of the best things that I did along the way is I helped myself first, then I helped my wife, then I started helping patients, and now I’m sort of more talking about these to help other people help patients. So you know like when you’re on the airplane and they say you know if the oxygen things fall you put yours on first and then put the others on. So we’ll all put our oxygen on here first, we’ll raise the scale and maybe we can come up with some neat ideas. To purchase the entire DVD lecture series, click here.